Quinoa – A Super Food to Try!


Quinoa was originally used in the Andes Mountains thousands of years ago. Recently, it has been discovered in the Western world and is becoming more popular each day. Quinoa is especially popular with vegetarians and those who are concerned about their eating habits and want to adopt healthy ways of eating. It is also of great help for those who want to decrease their weight.

Quinoa is great source of proteins, it contains all 9 amino acids which are very beneficial for human body, also it help in releasing carbohydrates slowly. You can make several quinoa recipes and each one will give you a different taste. You can use quinoa in salad, soup, casseroles and stir fries, you can also use it your breakfast as breakfast cereal and in desserts as well.  You can enjoy the flexibility of cooking different quinoa recipes. Cooking quinoa isn’t a difficult task, you can cook just in some minutes, its fast and it’s simple.

If you want to cook quinoa you can feel happy that it is very simple to prepare it and it provides numerous benefits.  Before cooking quinoa you will need to wash quinoa, the common method used to cook quinoa is absorption, if you have used one cup of quinoa you will need double of water, and then to put it on heat, once the liquid gets boiled slow down the heat and boil for 15 minutes, and this is it, quinoa is ready, you can make several quinoa recipes and certainly you would like to quinoa very much.

Quinoa is a great gift of nature which has numerous health benefits; it not only provides you a tasteful food, but also it gives you proteins, vitamin and carbohydrates and protects you from various diseases.  I am sure you would like to try quinoa now, wont you?   If you have never tried it before, you should include it in your diet now, and make your food tastier and healthier.

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